Rigol DS2072A Unlock

Rigol DS2072A Unlock

I just got a new Rigol DS2072A Oscilloscope.  The reason I bought it was because of the ability to unlock it and get the extra features

There is a great forum at the eevblog, which is very long and detailed.  Many people are having trouble with figuring out which way works to generate the keys as it changes depending on if you have the DS2072 or the DS2072A model, and also some of the newer firmware versions do not allow downgrading of the firmware.

To generate your keys, you need 2 things from your scope:

  1. The Serial Number
  2. The Private Key

For DS2072, both are very easy.  The serial is printed on the back, and the private key is 8EEBD4D04C3771 (the same across every one).  Rigol got wise and started changing the key in the 2072A series, so you need to get your private key.

The easiest way is posted thanks to a handy screenshot utility (Original Forum | Link to the screenshot utility).  This utility needs a config file (Original Forum | Direct Link) to be able to save the 32M memory dump, and you’ll have to enter the IP address of the oscilloscope into the utility so it can do screenshots over the network.

Place the config in the Resources folder, then do a Device -> SCPI Command.  Enter the following command and click “Send + Receive” — this will take about 5 minutes to dump 32Mb.  Save the file when complete.

:SYST:UTIL:READ? 1,33554432

This 32Mb file contains your private key, as well as your serial number.  The last step is to use rigup (available here) which requires the arguments

[2014-10-17 19:49:09] 571 user@titanosaurus
🙂 $ ./rigup DS2072A ~/rigol32Mdump
rigup ds2072a – Version 0.4

Serial number: DS2D161234567

NSEH: FY5RZFX-A5Y6B2J-6CPJA9E-F4KSTWM All options, no bandwidth upgrade
NSER: 4AN9KNS-BW6AENK-C2ZDSY7-DUAWP8M All options, bandwidth 100 MHz
NSEQ: V7WGP4S-Q73QH5B-CWZTZTC-C5DNQSM All options, bandwidth 200 MHz
NS8H: 5EW5ZPG-3S5N4KS-P4CNBKU-88N66VM All options, bandwidth 300 MHz

Entering the 300MHz key worked on my scope!