New Look!

New Look!

Our wedding was a success! Thanks to all the family and friends who were in attendance or sent their wishes. You will notice a new theme to our website. We will be posting updates from our move to Germany here, please check back soon!

Using google to track phishing attacks

I received a message from (not) my bank “Bank of America” about some recent account activity in (not) my account. The link leads here: which lead me to this search, which reveals all sites compromised by this toolkit:

Telnet to https

This nifty little trick allows you to manually enter http requests over https: openssl s_client -connect -state This command takes place of telnet “ 80” in that openssl negotiates all the key junk for you, and allow you to hack test https webservers.

Bubbly Water

While I was in Germany, I began to enjoy water with bubbles in it (“Soda Water”). In my previous trips to Europe, I hated the stuff, but this time it really grew on me. Before my course started, I was invited out with a really nice German family from Munich. In their house, they had… Continue Reading Bubbly Water

GPS Logging

GPS Logging of my Germany trip is complete (enough). Version 1 is available at: The XML files were logged by the Sunset GPS Tracker (mentioned previously) running on my Windows Mobile (yuck!…well actually it works quite well) and a Hollux GPSlim bluetooth receiver. While in Germany, I had the receiver on my person very… Continue Reading GPS Logging