Airport Security hole The last time we flew home, I got the “random selection” to be extra screened which was very annoying. It started when I went through the security theatre, the agent pointed out that I had a “DDD” printed on my boarding card, which means that I was subjected to additional security checks. This required… Continue Reading Airport Security hole

Why you should always know your email address

Mis-addressed emails is a common occurrence, particularly with one of my first accounts. On any given day I receive two or three emails intended for someone else. Most commonly, I receive welcome emails from mailing lists. But once in a while I get something more interesting. This one, at first glance, seemed like all the… Continue Reading Why you should always know your email address

Using google to track phishing attacks

I received a message from (not) my bank “Bank of America” about some recent account activity in (not) my account. The link leads here: which lead me to this search, which reveals all sites compromised by this toolkit:

Telnet to https

This nifty little trick allows you to manually enter http requests over https: openssl s_client -connect -state This command takes place of telnet “ 80” in that openssl negotiates all the key junk for you, and allow you to hack test https webservers.