Using google to track phishing attacks

I received a message from (not) my bank “Bank of America” about some recent account activity in (not) my account. The link leads here: which lead me to this search, which reveals all sites compromised by this toolkit:

Telnet to https

This nifty little trick allows you to manually enter http requests over https: openssl s_client -connect -state This command takes place of telnet “ 80” in that openssl negotiates all the key junk for you, and allow you to hack test https webservers.

Bubbly Water

While I was in Germany, I began to enjoy water with bubbles in it (“Soda Water”). In my previous trips to Europe, I hated the stuff, but this time it really grew on me. Before my course started, I was invited out with a really nice German family from Munich. In their house, they had… Continue Reading Bubbly Water

GPS Logging

GPS Logging of my Germany trip is complete (enough). Version 1 is available at: The XML files were logged by the Sunset GPS Tracker (mentioned previously) running on my Windows Mobile (yuck!…well actually it works quite well) and a Hollux GPSlim bluetooth receiver. While in Germany, I had the receiver on my person very… Continue Reading GPS Logging

Das Blinkenlights

Alles touristen und non-technischen looken peepers! Das machinkontrol is nicht for gefengerpoken und mittengrabben. Oderwise is easy schnappen der springenverk, blowenfus, undpoppencorken mit spitzensparken. Der machine is diggen by experten only. Is nicht fur geverken by das dumpkopfen. Das rubber necken sightseenen keepen das cotton-picken hands in das pockets. So relaxen, und vatchen das blinkenlights.